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TIFF Viewer

Built using libtiff, this program is a very basic TIFF Viewer that I wrote as a more efficient way of browsing multipage documents - e.g. scanned copies of paper manuals. OS X's is far too slow, unreliable and memory hungry to work properly with these high-resolution files. Using Preview with with multipage TIFFs, it's easy to crash the program and/or use up all of the space on your disk with O/S swap files.

Blue Globe's Tiff-Sight is an otherwise great product but also has limitations in this particular situation, e.g., it currently fails to anti-alias some bitmap images, making these documents hard to read.

Please note this is a beta release - it works well for me and doesn't crash, but some features are missing.

What this TIFF Viewer can do:

  • Displays 1-bit TIFF files in many compression formats supported by libtiff
  • Allows navigation between pages of multipage TIFFs
  • Fast scaling and anti-aliasing (selectable quality)
  • A zoom function
  • Uses little memory
  • Supports Mac OS X (Carbon), Classic, OS 9 and earlier, and 68K Macs

What it doesn't do (yet):

  • No printing
  • Only one Photometric Interpretation and Orientation are currently supported (some documents may display inverted and/or not right-reading)
  • No jump-to-page function

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