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RASTUS plugin: User reports

Copygraphics, NM, uses RASTUS to make enlarged negatives for alternative process photographic printing. Peter Ellzey writes:

  • "The holy grail of this digital images to film stuff has always been to trick the imagesetter into continuous tone behavior. If there's a better way than RASTUS, I have yet to see it."
  • "Using RASTUS has allowed us to take it to the next level and blow away our purist critics."
"I've done some negatives from 1800dpi bitmaps for alt-photo printing. We put half-tone 425 line/inch (elliptical dot) negatives (and prints) side-by-side with bitmaps created in both Photoshop and with RASTUS. I did a blind test ... With a loupe, the half-tone had its regular disturbing (especially to photographers) pattern in it. What was unusual was the Photoshop bitmap had more 'noise' in the highlight areas than the RASTUS images. The dreaded digital signature. Detail was another difference. The RASTUS images seem to have a true fractal quality to them. As you go deeper into the image, the detail remains.
RASTUS has allowed us to take the images up to 26 inches wide with stunning results. RASTUS helps makes the negative look more like film grain, not digital noise. The photographers I work with are mostly from the old school of enlarging negatives in the darkroom. The feed back has been grand. My customers print platinum & palladium, gum, cyanotype Van Dyke, photogravure, as well as silver gelatin.
Thank you for a wonderful product."

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