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  • Interface Microchip PIC18 microcontrollers to ATA(PI)/IDE devices including disks, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, in PIO (non-DMA) mode.
  • Prototype uses PIC18F6680 with external 40MHz clock but should be adaptable to other parts at different speeds with approx 24 GPIO pins.
    Hardware design
    (Copyright © 2004-5 Alexey Kondratiev)

    Photo: prototype PIC/IDE board    Photo: prototype PIC/IDE board - solder side

  • PIC connection layout: GIF / PDF.
  • Complete schematic and parts list to come.
    Software library
    (Copyright © 2004-5 Toby Thain, released under GPL)
  • Library is supported and under continual development as part of other projects.
  • Project builds with Microchip MPLAB IDE (MPASM) and the open source gputils.
  • Screenshot of serial output, showing PIC startup, detect one ATA hard disk and one ATAPI CD-ROM, and read of 4 ATAPI sectors.
  • Screenshot showing Identify data for two attached devices.
  • Run logs: monitor and example (including some diagnostic messages).

    (For a serial terminal, we recommend Takashi Teranishi's Tera Term Pro.)

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