Online PSD/PSB Extract/Recover

If you have a damaged Photoshop file,

This will try to recover the image layers as PNG files. (Not all files can be recovered, although we try pretty hard. CMYK files are currently exported as separated plate files – PNG doesn't support CMYK.)

Or quickly get image layers as PNG files, from any PSD

This might be useful if have you have a PSD file but don't have Photoshop. (The Gimp might also help you.)

Submit your file

This should be a PSD or PSB file. 200MB limit.

When you click Check File, the file will be examined for validity and recoverable layers. You will see a brief report. You will be able to download any recovered image files as individual PNG files, or collected together in a ZIP archive.

Files are automatically deleted from our server no more than 24 hours after processing and are never shared with any third party. However, use common sense and do not upload confidential material. If you prefer to process PSD files on your own computer, or files larger than 200MB, then the FREE psdparse utility and PSD Extract/Recover plugin do exactly the same job as this form.